This story began in a small, rural town in Niigata Prefecture 26 years ago.

In 1987, a Niigata television crew reported the arrival of three calves at a primary school with just nine students, among them a little girl named Tomomi. The children took care of the three calves and spent time with them, just like good friends. Tomomi in particular cared deeply for the calves, and wanted to grow up to be a vet for cattle.

We later learned that Tomomi was pursuing her dream of becoming a veterinarian and we decided to continue covering her life when she entered Iwate University.

Finally, Tomomi earned her degree, a doctorate of veterinary medicine.

Tomomi has since married and had children. Now she works as a respected vet in Niigata Prefecture, and many local farmers trust her deeply.

This film has a universal message about the importance of pursing one’s dreams and never giving up.


Director: Yoshiaki Tokita
Cast: Tomomi Takahashi
Runtime: 86min
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HD-CAM
Sound: Stereo
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: English (English scripts available)
Production Company: TV NIIGATA (Abbreviated:TeNY)


Official website:
Country: Japan (Located:Niigata,Iwate)
Release Date:29.Mar 2014
Showing: All Japan (Tokyo, Niigata, Osaka, more than 30 pref.)

 Director Yoshiaki Tokita

I was a news reporter when I saw Tomomi for the first time in 1987.
We filmed the arrival of three calves at a primary school with just nine students, Tomomi among them. At that time, it was said that the primary school would be closed in a few years so we decided to keep covering the school. I learned that Tomomi wanted to be a vet in the future, but I thought it was just one of those childhood dreams that children often have.
Still, I have never seen such beautiful and pure emotion as when we filmed the graduation ceremony specially organized for the calves. It was a very moving event, but over time I gradually began to forget about it.
One day, I heard from Tomomi’s parents that she had entered high school far away from home in order to go on to a university of veterinary medicine.
After seeing how determined she was to realize her dreams I was moved and decided to follow through and cover her story.
It had been 16 years after our first encounter when we broadcast her story, and by then she had graduated with a veterinary degree from Iwate University. After the broadcast, the program had a large influence on many who watched and they were deeply moved.
I learned a lot from Tomomi; namely that it is very important never to give up when trying to realize your dreams.
In 2011, Japan was hit by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Now many people who live in areas affected by the Earthquake need support and want to work to make their life better. This is not only true of Japan, but also any place in the world where people have been affected by a disaster. So we produced this documentary to send everyone Tomomi’s message. I hope many viewers feel a connection with this story. Tomomi is now a trusted vet in Niigata prefecture, though she says “I still have many challenges I want to overcome, so I don’t think I’ve achieved my dreams quite yet.”